playing this sunday 28th jan, glebe point rd, sydney 6pm






 imagine walking in a shopping mall of a miami vice series- light blue lamborghinis parked outside, plastic palm trees, neon lights, this is the world of miami mall where everything is a show, superficial and tasteless - miami mall songs live in this dark 90 s plastic world - the band tours successfully in a lot of european places like prag, budapest, riga, warsaw etc  - a video was shot in moscow than the last one in berlin - the band is now based in berlin- a new EP comes out early 2017 - the live set up is right now: two singers, synth, guitar and computers 





sydney, the little guy

jan 28, 2018

berlin, rosis openig for cosmo sheldrake

nov 23, 2017 

paris, culture rapide

june 20, 2017

berlin, madame claude

oct 6, 2017

Kanepes Kultural Center

Riga, saturday 3 dez

alimentation generale, paris

oct 22, 2016

bar analog, berlin

oct 29, 2016

culture rapide, paris

july 15, 2016

Culture Container, Berlin

may 19, 2016

Karambolage, Dresden

may 20, 2016

Madame Claude, Berlin

may 21, 2016

stalin letna park open air, prag

may 25, 2016

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